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Small Wedding Venues

Five Reasons To Have A Smaller Wedding

Small wedding venues seem to be growing in popularity as the preferred type of venue selected by couples getting married. Your wedding is counted as one of the most important days of your life and, regardless of whether you have wanted to be a bride for years or just aren’t that fussed about a big ‘do’, your friends and family will be excited to see you ‘tie the knot’.

Here at Smallfield Place we know all about small weddings which is why we thought we would share 5 reasons why a small wedding venue is often prefered to a larger wedding venue.

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1. Celebrate one of the most important days of your life with the people who matter most to you

Most of our couples agree that this is one of the best things about having a small wedding. With a big wedding you may be surrounded by your closest family and best friends, but the chances are that you will probably also need to invite those distant cousins, barely remembered aunts. With an intimate wedding, you won’t have this problem. You can just have those that mean the world to both of you. At a big wedding it’s easy to forget who you have and haven’t greeted in the sea of faces, but with a smaller wedding you are far less likely to have this problem. Here at Smallfield Place our maximum seated capacity is 60 guests so you will find that you are able to spend time with each and every one of your guests.

2. More relaxing

With fewer people to consider, both you and your guests will more relaxed throughout your wedding day. This is the feedback we get time and time again from our couples at Smallfield Place.

3. Less Planning

Another benefit of having a smaller wedding is that with fewer people and details to fulfil, you’ll have the option to reduce your planning time.

In fact many of our couples at Smallfield Place only book their weddings six months in advance Want to be married by this time three months from now? A small guest list makes this possible.

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4. Unique

Small wedding venues mean a smaller number of guests which can result in more opportunities to personalise your wedding to you. Smaller weddings certainly have a different feel to larger ones which tend to feel a lot more formal. A smaller wedding venue is an opportunity to be unique and more relaxed. You are also able to channel your budget into the things that you feel are most important to your day, such as the food or the music.

5. You can 'splurge'

Some couples choose a small guest list so they can pull out all the stops and have a truly lavish wedding. When you’ve got fewer guests, you can splurge on the things that really matter to you. For some that might be a five course gourmet meal, for others it might be a fantastic live band they have always wanted.

To conclude..

The main thing to remember with a small wedding is to enjoy yourself. It is your special day after all, so mingle with your guests, eat some delicious food and have the time of your life.

If you are interested in exploring a small wedding, contact Holly or Lisa here at Smallfield Place to see how they can help you to plan your perfect intimate wedding celebration.